"The journey of our lives has a soundtrack. It's up to us to record it and share it with the world."

- Jason Ferg


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Rebecca Wooley

Jason is an inspirational performer who carefully chooses the right words to speak, sing, and rap, as he fuses authentic lyrics with soulful melodies to produce creative and reflective songs that speak to both the mind and heart.

Swizzle Steve

I‘ve booked Jason Ferg at one of Chicago’s most notable venues and we have put together some pretty badass shows. Work hard + Play hard! Not many artists understand how vitally important both aspects are, Jason does!

Hannah Frank

Jason's shows are some of the most professionally advanced shows I have witnessed as an Engineer, which makes my job easier. They're thoughtfully presented in an organized, upbeat manner that keeps all the details moving.

Troy "T-Roy" Berry

In the ultra-competitive live music environment of Los Angeles, Jason easily navigates with his shining personality, can-do attitude, and the ability to make everyone around him greater - a trait not often seen in the "me first" celebrity culture of Hollywood.


Jason Ferg's music reflects his passion for spiritual connectedness and his love for humanity.